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When it is urgent, one gets stressed and scared. And when one is scared, everything takes longer. If one knows how to act then one feels calmer and calmness can win one valuable time. It can mean the difference between life and death.

Read through this and find out what happens when you call 112. It can be a good preparation for if and when something happens.

If there is an accident!
Something happens! A serious accident, an emergency health situation. You quickly need an ambulance, the fire department, the police, a duty doctor, the poison information services, coast guard, mountain rescue or some other emergency service.
What is it that has happened?
Once you figured out what has happened and have an overview of the situation, you use the phone to dial 112. You will immediately get in contact with the nearest SOS office.
An SOS operator will quickly answer your call.
He or she will answer: "SOS 112, what has happened?" Be prepared to answer questions.
  • What has happened?
  • Where?
  • What phone number are you calling from?
The SOS operator will ask further questions that are necessary for you to quickly receive the necessary help. All questions are designed for you to receive help as quickly as possible. It is important that your answers are short and concise.
Do not hang up.
Do not hang up if someone does not answer straight away. There can be a lot of calls at the same time. The seconds before you receive an answer can feel very long in an emergency situation.
Emergency situations
112 should be used to raise the alarm in emergency situations. When it is important and urgent.

A 112 call can sound something like this:

SOS operator:
"SOS 112, what has happened?"
The caller:
"There has been a traffic accident, we need an ambulance"
SOS Operator:
"How many people are injured?"
The caller:
"There were two people in the car and they have run off the road and into a tree"
SOS Operator:
"Do you know if anyone is trapped in the car?"
The caller:
"Yes, it looks like it"
SOS Operator:
"Where did the accident take place?"
The caller:
"One kilometre North of Storkoping on route 99"
SOS Operator:
"What telephone number are you calling from?"
The caller:
"123 45"
SOS Operator:
"Thank you, we will send help straight away" This call resulted in the SOS Operator sending two ambulances, the fire department and police.

When it is not urgent.

The Swedish SOS Centres have special phone numbers for you to call if you need to order an ambulance without it being urgent. You will find these numbers in the phone book.
Fire department:
The municipal fire department can usually be reached by phone during office hours.
You can call the county police service at any time.
The Poison Information Services:
The Poison Information Services can be found here. You can also call 08-331 231
Advice in case of illness:
Here you will find information of where to turn.
Other public services:
To find out whom to contact in case of failure of electricity supply, the road network, the water and sewage system, the telephone network or other infrastructure systems. You can find information in the phone book.
Updated 2002-01-26